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You are welcome to the very blog of Chosen Girl NG. We want you to know that here your Faith will be challenged because you will find God, who will encounter you and give you the blessings of generations.

You will also find updates about our programmes and activities. We know you will enjoy yourself here. Kindly share your testimony of what God has done for you here .

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Chosen Girl NG (also referred to as CGN) was founded on the 1st of January, 2016 by Omisakin Olufela. It was founded out of a burning desire and passion to bring an end to the societal menace in this generation, especially among females. The primary aim of Chosen Girl Ng as at that time was to bring an end to unwanted pregnancy among girls and this she pursued until later in the year when her scope got a spark.

After the founder had listened to a message by Apostle Selman titled ‘conquering cosmos’, he got a mandate to give Chosen Girl NG to God and also allow God’s kingdom come in Chosen Girl NG. Since then, Chosen Girl NG has brought it upon herself to bring the fullness of Christ to females.

In her record, Chosen Girl NG has organized few programmes to meet this mandate. Now and forever, Chosen Girl NG will be known for Christ.


To reach girls and:

  • Bring them to Christ Jesus
  • Teach them the kingdom life
  • Let them know that females have power
  • To empower and give skills to them


To produce females who are generated and steadfast in Jesus, thereby fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives.


  • Honour: “Beyond all contradictions, the lesser is blessed of the greater.”
  • Discipline: “For the Lord disciplines the one He loves, and chastises every son whom He receives.”
  • Commitment: “We must obey God rather than men.”


Our logo is a rectangle which contains the silhouette of a girl and the text ‘Chosen Girl’ in Comic San MS. The colours are blue which stands for ‘love’ and white which represents ‘God’.