False Words A Guy Will Tell You To Have Sex With You (Strictly for girls)

Any relationship which you are not bold enough to inform your parents or spiritual fathers about is very illegal, quit such relationship.


Any relationship which you are not bold enough to inform your parents or spiritual fathers about is very illegal, quit such relationship. So many people have been into such relationship and have lost their dignity and respect (virginity). If you have, don’t fall into such circumstance again, you are still a star. If you have not lost your virginity, never fall into the evil pit of danger. If you get into relationship, you are going to hear the following words from boys to lure you to have sex with them (even if your parents know about your relationship)

  • Have Sex With Me If You Love Me

Sex is not an expression of love if it involves a boy and a girl (unmarried people). I want you to know that your virginity is so very precious to you, it is your glory and the instance you give your glory to the wrong person and even at the wrong time, your worth decreases. If a guy is asking you to show him you love him by asking for your precious glory, ask him if he can feed out his heart to the crocodiles. Sex is not a way to show love. Don’t allow him deceive you. Once he has sex with you, he is going to hate you with passion.

  • Nobody Will Know

Of course, nobody will catch you when you have sex with him. But do you know that your conscience knows and even God knows. Secrets like that are hard to keep because it will surface on a later date, when it is discovered that you can’t give birth due to loss of womb or you can’t get pregnant. You should run away from him because your conscience will deal with you for life if you do it.

  • You won’t get pregnant

When a male have sex with a female, the male releases thousands of sperm cells into the female, in which only one cell will produce a baby. With this fact, what is then the assurance that you won’t get pregnant when you have sex with him? Science and teenagers have devised crook and funny ways that they claim prevents pregnancy (salt & water, withdrawals, condoms, hot water etc.) This methods are not efficient in the prevention of pregnancy. The most efficient of these crooked methods is only 99% efficient, the 100% efficient way of preventing pregnancy is abstinence. Live a sex free life until you are ready to get pregnant. If you have sex with him, you will get pregnant.

  • Others are doing it

He is going to say people are doing it. For your information, people don’t do it, only animals do it, only animals have premarital sex. The fact that others are having sex, getting pregnant, aborting and dying does not mean you should do it too. Ask yourself, if everybody is going crazy, should I go crazy too?

  • Visit me, don’t come with a friend

So many girls who would have been great people like Mrs. Funmilayo Ransom Kuti lost their chance just by visiting boys. Never stay in a lonely place with a guy, don’t give him ugly visits. Even if you think you will resist his pleas, you can get raped.

  • Nothing will happen

He starts touching your buttocks, breasts, chin, laps, neck and he is telling you nothing will happen. You are stylishly playing with fire. You are going to blow. Avoid every form of touching from a guy that moves towards your private part. Be careful.

There are more lies that a guy will tell you to have sex with you, it takes your strong decision to stay virgin till marriage.

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