Event From February 16, 2016 (Moments To Discuss)

​Today has been so aweeome for us at Chosen Girl NG. Our “Moments to Discuss” took us to ‘Timi Agbale Grammar School’ where we met with 60 girls and we discuss on the topic ‘enhancing relationship between mothers and daughters’.

Chosen Girl NG was able to pass three main points to the girls:

  • Respect your mother.
  • Communicate well with your mother.
  • Forgive your mother if she offends you.

The girls were also brought into the realization of the fact that they are not older than their mothers and their mothers possess a big bank of experience of which they can learn from in humility and that they are going to become mothers too someday.

We did not forget to let them understand that their academics is their number one priority.

We are saying a big thank you to the principal and other staff of Timi Agbale Grammar School.

Thanks to Dolapo | Olamide | Feyi | Toyosi | Fela who are the team working greatly to reach out to the girls at this crucial ‘moments to discuss’.

I learnt that I can actually be open to my Mum whenever I am confused.

+Itunuoluwa 17

Good behavior is an essential part of our life.

+Zaynab 12

Obedience is key. I should be obedient to my Mum at all times, even when it seems tough to obey.

+Lydia 15

For me, I learnt how to communicate with my mother.

+Adebimpe 15

I learnt how to respect and speak to my mother and how to forgive her if she offends me

+Adeola 17

# MomentsToDiscuss

Participants after the discussion
Participants after the discussion

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