Masturbation: Killer Of The Soul

One of those things that make these people ‘living dead’ is masturbation.


​So many people walk the streets everyday, some have radiant faces while others can’t hide the sorrow in their heart. Some are full of life, some are already dead.

It might sound ‘somehow’ that there are dead people walking the street, but it is so true, they are called the ‘walking dead’ or better still the ‘living dead’. They are actually breathing and active, but inside of them are battling with things, they have no vision and are so glued to an addiction.

One of those things that make these people ‘living dead’ is masturbation.

Not every living dead will admit that they are dead but when they receive revelations, they discover that they are dead and hence need to live. You might be a walking dead too, especially if you masturbate.

Masturbation is the deliberate act of giving oneself sexual pleasure by oneself. Sincerely it is madness when you have to rub your vagina or fill it up to give yourself sexual pleasure.

Masturbation is one of those shameful things in our society today. If you masturbate, walk up to your mum and dad and tell them you masturbate. If you are not bold to tell them, then you are a living dead and you need to stop masturbating.

Most times when you finish masturbating, you feel so empty and you begin to wonder why you did it at the first place. Whatever brings you regret, is a sure killer of the soul.

If you are masturbating, it is time you stop it, else you will continue to cheat yourself. Wait for the right time when sex will be appealing and enjoyable (at marriage). Now is the time to face yoyr studies, turn to God and be focused.

And always be in the company of wise people. God bless you.

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