Raped & Unsure (A True Life Story)

​This is a true life story, yes! It happened to me, and I want you to read carefully so you can learn from me (it pains me that you will learn from me, but it is all good)

I set out to visit a friend of mine; she lived opposite my building, on the other side of the road. I had gone to greet her and do the normal girl-gist! We talked about the condition of our school and some other things and then my school father joined us. My school father was one person. I respected, so it was joy for me when he joined us. I was so comfortable and relax.

I was offered a drink, which I happily collected and drank enjoying every gulp. We enjoyed our discussion, which went on for minutes. Suddenly, I stared feeling dizzy. I was actually drugged, I cannot really remember who offered me the drink, but certainly, it was either my friend or my school father.

When I woke up from my dizziness, I found myself in my room with my school father. I was surprised and was scared something would have happened. Maybe I was raped, but I was not sure because there was no sign of blood. However, I was so uncomfortable at what happened. My school father soon left me totally as in he stopped being my school father. I was not sure if I was raped or not and that is how I became unsure of my virginity.

I became so angry and I developed hate for my friend and school father. I lost confidence and was always scared anytime I hear the word “virgin” or anything close to it. Then I met Chosen Girl NG and my life had a turn around.

CGN told me to forgive my friend and school father, it was a difficult thing to do, but CGN taught me how to do it and I am happy I did. CGN also told me to forget discard my past and everything that happened, and focus on my bright future. I also got to convince myself that I haven’t lost my virginity. CGN taught me many things.

Just few admonitions to you from me. Be careful of the friends you keep, be mindful of what you eat and drink, be careful with your life.

The Holy Spirit helped us to help HER and her story is one of the many devastating stories that are out there. If you are going through a confusing situation or you had a horrible past, kindly reach us, God is set to help you. He does not want you to suffer but to enjoy eternal life. God bless you.




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