An Additional Blessing to Generations- Miss Oluwabusolami Fadipe

We had an interview session with this beautiful and wonderful lady. She is a light shining in the world and you can be sure that darkness can not and will never comprehend her.


We had an interview session with this beautiful and wonderful lady. She is a light shining in the world and you can be sure that darkness can not and will never comprehend her. We had a nice time and we hope you get blessed as you check through the interactions.

Can we meet you ma?

I’m Oluwabusolami Fadipe by name

Nice, what does Oluwabusolami mean?And what does it mean especially to you?

Hmmm Oluwabusolami actually means ‘The Lord has added to my wealth’. I have always lived in this consciousness that I’m an addition to the world in a way although I don’t measure it anymore in terms of wealth but it simply reminds me I’m an additional blessing to my generation.

Wow! Glory to God. Can you share with us your salvation experience?

I grew up in a strong christian home, so for me it was just default to be a ‘good girl’. I continued that way obeying several dos and donts till SS2 back in high school when I read a book titled He chose the Nails by Max Lucado. It was then I decided to give up on being religious and finally embraced the grace of God. The following months were tough understanding what been saved really means and not following laws exactly but there was peace knowing that my salvation was freely given and not earned by my works… Glory to God.

Well, there are so many people out there who don’t understand salvation or don’t see a reason to be saved. What has salvation done for you? And why do you think people should embrace salvation?

Wow salvation has broken my walls down in a lot of ways. There’s this peace and joy knowing that you’re loved regardless of where you’ve been and because I wasn’t saved by my own deeds, it has helped me to stop been critical or judgemental about other people but to show the kind of love I received. We can give a thousand reasons why people should be saved but for me salvation is the solution the world needs right now because it reveals Jesus above societal values, philosophies of wise people and popular culture. It shows us a way to be free without beating ourselves up.As much as the world paints this scary picture of a giant God, we’re still loved so what more could be better.

You mentioned that you are an additional blessing to your generation. Don’t you think being a blessing is meant for the male gender alone as is the thought and principle of some?

[Lol] No no no. Being a Blessing is not gender specific. It’s not blessing if it has to revolve around one particular gender.

Then what will it be?

That will be gross monopoly. When God calls you to be a blessing, He allows you to impact as many people as possible directly or indirectly.

There are many people who think females shouldn’t be great people and so we have so many females living in that consciousness, what do you have to say about that?

I understand that the society has a lot to say about females not aspiring towards greatness but my point is we have a role to play too. You can’t be visionless or just act anyhow and expect the society to support you. You need to believe in yourself and have goals, the society will treat you exactly how you treat yourself.

So, you are calling on females to stand up and work against this mindset?

Yes it all starts with the mindset. There will always be people who don’t believe in a female rising up but the question is what do you believe in?  Some time ago, I was told not to read too much and just stop at a Masters at the most because nobody is going to marry an overly educated woman. It not enough to cry out on the media alone, you have to act. How will you as a female even limit life to just human hair and luxury or parade on the media and expect anyone to take you serious. It requires diligence, acting and just prove the world wrong. We dont need to fight we just need to stand.

We know you own a blog that is on world government and economy. What inspired you to start it?

Yes glory to God. I realized that a lot of people have a wrong notion on politics and all. The first step to change is having a different mindset so I decided to reform the minds of people by informing people about the reality and not just false censored facts placed in news or media content. It’s slow growing but I believe change is going to happen by reforming the minds of people.

Who is your mentor?

Oladoyin Makinde. I’m still a mentee though and then I belong to a club that mentors young girls and women too.

What other thing(s) do you do apart from your blog and being a member of a girl club?

I’m a student of International law major and I attend conferences for leadership and global development. I engage in inspirational talks sometimes and take up few projects.

That’s nice.What is the name of the club you mentioned earlier?

GodsOwnDiva club.

Great. And your blog is called ‘Multidesk’.

What is your favourite Bible verse?

[Lol] Do I have one? Ok but I really love Psalm 139:13-15. It’s refreshing.

What of a favorite Bible story or character?

Hmmmm Elijah. [Lol] Even though he is a masculine figure.

Interesting! Oluwabusolami is a fire woman o…

[Lol] I’m still work in progress.

It’s nice having you here. Do you have any words for Chosen Girl NG and every person reading this?

I will just say this, there is a lot of mess up on the media these days on feminism. It’s getting misconstrued. We dont need to be bitter about the way the world treats us we should be inspired by all of them. So It’s time to have a world full of strong girls who understand purpose and still believe in God. It was nice having these minutes with Chosen Girl Nigeria.

Thank you very much. It’s a privilege. God bless and increase CGN

Thank you very much ma.

God bless you.

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