Grace and Anointing

So many people have wondered if there is any difference between Grace and Anointing. Some people think Grace is much more important than Anointing and many others think Anointing is much more important than Grace. Whose opinion is right? This article is set to bring an understanding to this topic.

There are so many definition given to Grace and the best of it all is that ‘Grace is God in the race of our life.’ The presence of Grace is the presence of God. Anointing is the flow of God into our life which then produces results. We can therefore say that Anointing is a flow of Grace. It means Grace is a distinct thing from Anointing.

Let’s look at the life of David, we will consider the popular Psalm 23. Reading from the first verse all through verse four, we will discover that David was given account of God’s presence with him, and just like we have seen earlier in this article we can assuredly say that God’s Grace was with David through this period. This period was the time when David was in the wilderness taking care of his father’s flock. But with procession of time, the Anointing came to David (Psalm 23:5). The Grace of God makes way for the Anointing of God. Without Grace, Anointing does not come.

Titus 2:11 says that the Grace of God that brings Salvation has appeared to all men, and since Salvation is necessary for Anointing, we can simply say that the  Grace of God that beings Anointing has appeared to all men.

So Grace is God, Anointing is the flow of  God. Anointing does not appear without Grace. Even if you loose Anointing, Grace will gradually disappear. The problem with Christian is that we cherish Anointing above Grace, that is loving Anointing above God, which is bad.

You want Anointing, seek Grace, seek God.


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