For The Guy Next Door

Dear friend,

I see you have met Alice and Bimpe, those two are wonderful lots, but don’t be deceived, that rush of emotions running through your body every time you set your eyes on their beauty is not true love, it is noting more than the natural attraction of your body  to a person of the opposite sex. To say the least, it is crush and infatuation and doing its bidding is not the best course of action for you right now. When I was in Secondary school, there were a number of boys and girls, couple we called them, who gave themselves to the lust and sensuality calling for their attention, but today, their short-lived relationship is a thing they do not want to remember again because of the shame their little escapade shoots at them. You have some feelings, emotions and even attractions I dare say, but wait till it is the right time express them and I promise you will sing for the joy of it. An unripe orange makes the teeth sour, but with a little patience, once you allow it to ripen,  you may even  it to a juice (hope you got the gist).  Wait for true love and you will value it, for God has you in mind.

As a boy, learn to treat all girls with respect (you will one day marry someone), and show them pure love, not the Romeo and Juliet type, but the pure and gentle one, not seeking its way or trying to satisfy emotional lust. Women are more than objects of fascination and emotional satisfaction, forget what Nollywood  has thought you, they are just like you, created by God and equal in dignity, value and worth. Their body is not created to arouse you or feed your carnal cravings, don’t mind those ones who choose to reveal their glorious assets (it is an abuse of purpose), but rather it is made to house their gentle spirit and reveal the glorious virtue of God and His Christ. Those Porns and Magazines are instruments of the devil to feed lust and devalue the creations of God, reducing man-woman relationship only to an object of sexual satisfaction outside the will and plan of God.

I see you have met Bayo and Ikechukwu  (IK) as well, the “big boys” with the blings and the girls,  I beg you do not join ways with them, internet fraud is a cyber crime and morally reprehensible, forget that they claim to be avenging our forefathers, there is no justification for evil. Remember once again that stew taken while boiling will always burn you. This extravagant lifestyle has no foundation on which to stand, remember Esau and the rebellious Korah, they took their unborn generations to the grave with them. Live well and large, but within the limits you can afford without going dirty, but remember to learn the habit of saving.  I know you may envy them now, but trust me with your gift and education, you are at an advantage.

This is perhaps the singular most important thing I will tell you, PRAY! Yea, pray like you your life depends on it, and it does, seek God early in life and commit your heart to him, secure your eternal destiny and maintain fellowship with the living God and His Christ.

I shall have to go now but I’m always here, whenever you need me just reach out.

By: Idowu Tolu


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