The ME plus GOD- Oladeji Iyanuoluwa

We had a wonderful time with Oladeji Iyanuoluwa who is popularly known as ‘HighWhy’. As you read through our interview with her, we are certain you are going to be blessed.

Can we meet you?
I am Oladeji Iyanuoluwa. From a family of four,am the second born and the first daughter of my family. Am a graduate of UNIOSUN,Economics department. I did my youth service in Delta state and by His grace I lived in the Nigerian Christian Corpers’ Fellowship (NCCF) lodge where I served as the Music director and Financial Secretary.

Wow! What does is it feel like to be the first daughter?

[Smiles] It’s a big responsibility I must confess,because a first daughter to me is just like the second mother in the family especially when you have an elder brother that doesn’t really stay with you and having two younger sisters. Your younger ones tends to emulate what you are doing, that means you can’t just afford to mess up. Advising my siblings,though we respect ourselves in my family, so my baby sister advices me sometimes, you know!

Very interesting. Can you mention some of the responsibilities?

Knowing that my siblings are fine in all areas; emotionally,academically, to mention a few.

Can you share with us your salvation experience?

Actually, I forgot to tell you earlier that I am an Anglican priests’ daughter. I was born into Christianity,church activity is not something that stress me. But talking about salvation, I got to a stage in life I realized that salvation is a personal thing, not a family thing. I can’t really give a date, time and how it happened like some can, but at that point I realized it is ME+ GOD and not ‘WE’. I turned it over to Him and that was all. And since then it has been awesome with HIM because come to think of it, He’s the reason why I live. I know it’s not the experience you are used to. But that’s how I can just explain mine.

Halleluyah! What was growing up like?

Growing up! It has been wonderful especially when God has blessed you with wonderful parents,siblings and good set of friends.

Wow! You must really love all of them.

From here to the moon and back.

Cool. Are you saying you have never encountered people who disappointed you?

I have, but have tried as much as possible not to let it get to me. One of my street brothers once told me ‘don’t expect too much from people,because they are human; they can disappoint anytime’. Have learnt to love people they way they are. I must have disappointed some people too, you know!

As a female, did you have any challenges growing up?

Not really.

Wow! Are you saying it is possible to grow without challenges?

Didn’t say that, just said not really because I can’t really think through it. Owkay, maybe I had the challenge of speaking with my classmates. why? Because I was afraid of making grammatical blunder and knowing fully well that they are from rich homes, you know I always felt they could speak better than me.

How did you overcome it?

I tried to encourage myself, which I am still doing.

What do you do for a living?

Forgot to tell you during the introduction what I do at present, am a Fashion Designer.

Wow! How have you been able to represent Christ in fashion designing?

Actually, have been trying my best not to sew what will not glorify God. May God help me more.

Amen. What is your favorite Bible verse?

Phillipians 3:10

We are rounding up already. Do you think girls are doing well in the world today, especially in the terms of dominion?

I won’t say we have gotten there but it is better off than yesterday, that simply means we can do better!

Great. Do you want to make shout-outs to anybody?

Yes. Firstly to all the girls who seem confused about themselves but are finding their balance, shout out of Love of Christ to them, He loves you so so very much! Shout out to all the who believe in the Love of Christ, more grace. God bless.

Do you have any words for CGN?

Yes, CGN! God will continue to empower you to do exploit. Because this platform is a WOW! to me,and really it has been fun with YOU. Thanks for the privilege to  share a little bit of myself to my fellow sisters, God bless.

Thank you very much ma. God bless you.


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