Attitude is the general way at which we handle things and relate with people. It is the driving force for attainment at all levels in life. When we watch the television and discover that someone has been given an award, sincerely his attitude to work has earned him that award. If we find any person who is without a friend, surely that person’s attitude to people has been bad.
It is good that we have a positive attitude and then we can have a foundation for a successful life. Here are four virtues to improve about our-self to maintain a super fantastic attitude:
Respect: Respect is reciprocal. Any natural man has an affinity for people who respect them. No wonder adults prefer to relate with younger ones that are respective. To maintain a positive attitude, we should learn to respect others whether they are older, age mates or younger; whether they are superior to us or our subordinates. Respect in relation to maintaining a positive attitude is avoiding discrimination. Learn not to discriminate people for any reason- because they are poor, of another tribe, of another religion etc. And most importantly, learn to use the magic words of please, thanks, sorry and excuse me.
Sincerity: Being faithful to God, people, work, our-self and other things is a perfect positive attitude that will support us in our life. The importance of this virtue in maintaining a positive attitude can be learnt from the story of tortoise and the birds.

Tortoise followed the birds to a party in the sky, they had donated feathers for tortoise to be able to fly to the party. At the party, tortoise was not being sincere with them and out of greediness ate all the foods leaving none for the birds. The birds collected their feathers from tortoise out of anger and he had to fall from the sky to the earth, thereby breaking his smooth shell.
When we are not faithful, people and even God lacks trust in us and they might not put us in the rightful position we ought to be. There are so many people that have lost important positions and offices because they could not maintain a good attitude of sincerity.
Composure: The way you present yourself is the way people will accept you. If a young man enters into the same room with you wearing well ironed shirt and trousers with matching tie of course, you will see him as a big man, probably a managing director of a company. But the moment he tells you he is a cleaner, your orientation of him change. If you present yourself as irresponsible, people will see you as irresponsible.
It is therefore pertinent that we have a good attitude of composure. This deals with the way we dress, talk, eat and most importantly our esteem.
Persistence: Positive attitude really pays off. It is necessary to also know that maintaining a positive attitude is something important. Great people who have made it in life were really persistent with their attitude to success. We can boldly mention Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton and Ben Carson because they have actually being persistent in their lives. Persistence here includes setting priorities right, hard work and also conducting a regular self check on yourself.
Positive attitude is a vital key to a successful life and should be characteristics of every human. Get a positive attitude, develop it.


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