Be A Team Player

As life goes on, we become part of different groups. Those we join without a choice, e.g. our family and others we join as a matter of choice, e.g. fellowship, voluntary groups etc.

The problem with joining a team is that most people fall out, become irrelevant and that can be hazardous like decreasing self esteem among others. Learning is a continous process, and since we can learn about anything, we can also learn how we can become successful in the teams, groups, committees we join and belong.
To be a successful team player, it is good to find out fact about the team you are joining. This will help you to know how to relate in the team. Find out the name of the team, its aims, objectives, missions, visions, who are the members of the team, the operational system of the team etc. If you are confused, there is nothing wrong with asking. When you find out basic facts about this team, you will find it easy to make decisions about joining and contributing to the team. Imagine joining a financial committee when you are not even good with money and accounting. Although as individuals, we should be able to participate in any capacity, it is more alright to act in an environment that is conducive.
To be a team player, after you have found out basic facts about the team and agreed to join, you should put your heart to serving in the club. Make sure you concentrate and contribute your quota to the success of the club. Create good habits when carrying out activities in the club and also volunteer to do what you can do to help the team.
Keep personal records of things happening in the team, you can simply get a notebook where you can take note of important details of what happens in the team. You can always fall back on this whenever you need vital information that you have forgotten.
Also, as a team player, always ensure that you attend all meetings of your team and be punctual to such meetings. If you have any reason for not attending, let members of your team know why you will be absent. You should ensure to find out what happened at the meeting you missed even before the next meeting. This will show to other team members that you care for the success of the team.
And whenever you get a task, put in your best to achieving it. Use your abilities to bring excellence to your team. Make necessary research and see to it that you carry out your task perfectly. Be as perfect as possible. If you need the help of other members in your team, do not hesitate to call on them.
Make friends with all members of your team, get closer to the leader and if you are the leader, be so friendly to your team members. This will make them appreciate you. Other team members will be ready to help you and great of all is that they will respect you and see you as matured.
If everyone in a team plays the rule and live the life of a team player, we can be very sure of the success that our team will make and the happiness that we will derive.


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