He Went About Doing Good

“About Jesus of Nazareth, how God gave the Holy Spirit to him, with power: and how he went about doing good and making well all who were troubled by evil spirits, for God was with him. Acts 10:38”

This was a testimony of Apostle Peter about Jesus Christ. Peter had been with Jesus all the day of Jesus’ life. He gave a report about Jesus in the house of Cornelius and what He says about Jesus, is that Jesus goes all about doing good.

And that is just the fact, Jesus went about doing good. Even those of us who didn’t live when Jesus walked physically on this surface can testify to it. We have read it in the Scriptures and we have even seen it in our own lives.
One thing about the good things Jesus did was that He didn’t do them for fame or show off, and that is very rare to find in our world today. Christ is still in the business of doing that kind of good till today. He actually gives blessings; cures; heals; promotes not just because of what we have to offer Him, but because it is just His nature and that is why He loved us, even before we know what love is.
We should actually have that nature of doing good everywhere. We find it difficult to do this but it is actually one of the easiest things man can put to action. To be able to do this, one must go through what Christ went through- Receive the Holy Spirit & then power.
We obviously would have studied great characteristics of receiving the Holy Spirit. We should know that the Holy Spirit gives us the ability to do good. Because in Holy Spirit is no sin or evil. For every evil you see, it is the devil responsible.
Since Christ says the things He did we will do, then doing good should be part our life. If you have not received the Holy Spirit, pray for it to come on you now and be ready to do good all the days of your life wherever you find yourself.


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