How Do I Handle Fake Love?

An answer to the question of a friend
There are so many things that we find in the world today that are real time investments of the devil. Concepts that are from the deepest part of hell and one just begin to wonder and ask, “What is this?”
Part of this things that the devil has poured into this world is what you call ‘fake love’, but I call it ‘a redefinition of love’. Satan has successfully turned the meaning of love, rebranded it and then given it to the world and happily the world took it, the world found it and is still finding it appealing, forgetting that the devil gives out only deceit, no matter the beauty of the substance. And since we are not of this world, we should not be partakers of this fake love at all.

What has the devil turned love into? Love has become the opposite of what it should be. While God defined love as Himself, the devil came to present himself as love. Ask the devil, who did he die for? or who did he send to die on anybody’s behalf? No one, yet he claims legislation of the heart of people. Love is loving your neighbour as yourself, the devil turned it into loving your neighbour to an extent or not even loving your neighbour at all.

Talking about the love in relationships, the devil redefined it to a type of cohabiting just for tolerance and not for acceptance, he removed God from relationships and just added heart breaks and you see people crying all over.

Giving it a critical look, this fake love is what is much rampant today and it is just easily accepted because it is all about lies- remember the truth is bitter. People have accepted it because they have allowed themselves to be deceived, accepting things the way they are and not checking how it is meant to be.

One way not to be a part of this fake scheme of the devil is to accept the true Love which is Christ Himself. The presence of His love will erase every thing the devil has planted in our lives. Where light shines, darkness disappears without hope.

One might have been leaving under the fake love. One might have been experiencing different heart breaks and it might seem like the world does not love you. Accept the true love into your life, take Christ into you and you will understand that the devil is a bastard trying to play with your emotions and life.


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