What comes to your mind when you hear the word leader? I am very sure that you have lots of things, name and people going through your mind. You are certainly thinking of various ideas and concepts. You have absolutely thought of the president of your country, your class captain or representative and even your dad at home. You might even be thinking of the lion and eagle, the sun and thunder or abstract things as in the case of fire.
Whatever name, thing, and person that comes to your mind, they are in your mind because they are leaders or somehow connected to being a leader.
Every name, thing and person you have thought about do have something in common or let me say so many things in common and that is why you see them as leaders. One of these things is the fact that these people are on top of others. For example, the president is the number one person in the country, the number two person in the country to the last person in the country are all under him. Your class captain is the one on top of the class because he exercises powers that just put you under him.
Leaders are found everywhere, in schools, churches, market places, offices, secretariats, cities, states, countries etc. Leaders are found in every city in the world, in all the seven continents of planet earth. In fact, leaders can be found among animals. The lion is the king of the jungle and the Eagle the leader of the birds. A leader is a person who is on top of the power chart, who can and does more than what others will normally do.
Simply put, a leader is a person – male or female, young or old, black or white who has the capacity to lead. A leader is able to show the good trait of leadership. If we will tell the in-depth meaning of a leaders, then we must understand the concept of leadership.
Leadership in recent years has gained much popularity: So many people talk about leadership but do not know what it means. Even many people who hold leadership offices, do not even know the meaning of leadership. And the truth remains that if you will function at a capacity, you must understand your role in that capacity and your role in any capacity starts from the definition in that capacity. So if you are a leader or want to become a leader, it is essential that you know what it means to sail the ‘leadership’.
A family got a special gift from a distant friend, they didn’t understand the function of the gift they received. After the man of the house was tired of seeing the gift lying fallow, he was forced to call the friend and he asked for the function of the gift. The friend only said that the gift is a washing machine, when the man got the definition of the gift, he knew immediately the function of the gift. Same applies to leadership.
Leadership has been define by so many people and there has been no specific definition for the word ‘leadership’ since people look at it from different view. Konda Coleman defined leadership as ‘an act- a decision to take a stand, or step, in order to encourage, inspire or motivate others to move with you. What’s more, the most effective do not rely on their title, or positional power to lead. Rather, their ability to use their own personal power combined with their use of strategic influence are what make them effective.’ That definition can be so complex for comprehension even when we have another definition for leadership as ‘the ability to lead’.
Leadership is simply like a ship. A modern day ship can take lots of passengers at a time. In fact, pre-historical ships can carry 5000 people and 85 airplanes. As big as a ship is, it is controlled by a rudder. Now, the rudder is only a small part of the ship. If the rudder is steered to the right, the ship moves to the right, if the rudder is steered to the left, the ship moves to the left. The rudder does not steer itself, it needs a force to steer it. The person assigned to give force to the rudder is called the sailor. Wherever the sailor steers the ship to (left or right) that is where it goes.
Just like the work of the sailor is to steer the rudder, same is what can be defined as leadership. Leadership is the action of a man/woman (the sailor) to steer the affairs of the people depending on him.
The titanic ship weighed 46,000 gross tons and it became wrecked after colliding with an ice berg 153km of the Ground Banks off Newfoundland, this happened on April 14, 1912. This wreck is tagged one of the worst disasters in history- Of more than 2,220 people on the ship, about 1,513 people died, part of those who died included American millionaires John Jacob, Benjamin Guggenheim and Isidor Straus. After much years of investigation on the cause of the ship wreck, it was discovered that the ship hit the ice berg due to the carelessness of the captain of the ship who ignored radio transmissions of ice. That tells the power and function and definition of a leader in the ship.


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