Loving God (2)

Jesus talked about loving God with all our heart. He then further tells us that we should also love God with all of our soul (Matthew 22:37).
Loving God with all of our soul demand that we love God with all counciousness. We should be aware of the fact that God exists in our life and that He has not changed. But unfortunately, vain things have filled the counciousness of men.
What you are conscious of is what you will react to, what you react to is what will give you results, the results you get will determine who you become. So, when we are conscious of God, we can be certain that no matter what we are going through in life, He will remember us, give us good results and make our lives better.
But when we concentrate on vain things, we cannot get good results, but bad results that will spoil our lives. We should always be thinking of God. No matter the Scripture says we should seek first the kingdom of God…
If your consciousness is not of God, then you are simply not showing Him love. You only do well for the things you are conscious of. When you are conscious of God, you will find time and find no excuse to read your Bible and say your prayers.
God wants us to put Him first in all we do. No wonder He tells us to always meditate His word day and night.
To round this off, look at your life and search for that thing you are always thinking of, is it God? Your own consciousness might be fill of your academics, family, achievements etc, but nothing should take the place of God in our life.
Love God in your counciousness. When you love Him in your counciousness, He will always be there for you, even in your unconsciousness.


One thought on “Loving God (2)”

  1. I firmly believe we are the children of God and he is within. Our society has taken the majority of churches and made them what they would like them to be. If we enter a realm of concousness we will find God is there, inside. The outside world will give you the urge to love, heal, and teach.


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