Not As It Were

Today, so many things are happening in the Church that Jesus Christ is not proud of. Christians in their conduct, service and worship of God have diluted the true ways of God.
God in His great power has created the heavens and earth to work as a system. Everything has an order through which it works, the entire universe is guided by principles. If these protocols (principles) are broken, we necessarily might not see the results that is meant to be.
Christians nowadays have broken these principles, some don’t know them at all and they therefore live in great ignorance. The aftermath of this, is that Christians do not see results, hence they complain and they paint God has been not faithful. Meanwhile, God is ever Faithful, no matter the situation (1 Corinthians 1:9).
One of the ways through which Christians make mistakes and break the divine plan of God is in the place of prayer. Most Christians do not even know how to pray.
I have seen instances where people pray to God in the name of Angels, people, things. And so you hear things like Holy Micheal, Holy Gabriel, Holy Mary etc. This is totally wrong.
The Bible teaches us to pray in the name of Jesus only. Christ wasn’t mistaking when He said “I am the way.” He didn’t say I am one of the ways. (John 14:6). So, whatever prayer we say following another way will absolutely not get to God.
Jesus even speaks more about it in John 16:23- Christ says it clearly that whatever we ask in His name, we shall receive. The reason why some people have been asking all this while and they have not received is because they have not asked in the name Jesus.
Some people might argue that ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ taught by God does not contain ‘In Jesus name’. That prayer came at that time that Jesus was still walking on Earth. But at the time that Jesus left earth, we need to access the father and so we need to pray in the of Jesus.
People who pray in the name of Jesus are sure to command results. Peter and John healed that man at the beautiful gate in the name of Jesus. They prayed in the name of Jesus. Let us stop this wrong act of praying in the wrong name, in the wrong way.
God will help us in Jesus name. Amen


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