O! Saviour

The current condition of Nigeria is very bad. Looking at where we have come from, to where we are, then we know Nigeria has a deficit of blessings, peace, tranquility.
There are bad happenings everywhere: events of bombings and kidnappings: rapings and killings; thuggery and occultism, corruption and day robbery, the list is endless. We have done even worse than Sodom & Gomorrah, thanks for the mercies of God.
But we are sure that everything that is happening in Nigeria today are the works of the devil. The devil is using the best of his time in oppressing Nigeria.
I see Nigeria being tied in some hard chains, her hands tied backwards, so that she is not able to do anything, if she will do any little thing with her hands, she will be doing it backwards. Her legs are tied too (a little gap allowed between legs for limited walks), she won’t be able to move far, she is deceived with Independence but she actually has no liberty.
The chain tied to her is extended to the hands of a terrible looking man, written on his tattered shirt is “Nigeria”. Yes! Nigeria leading herself into the room called “doom!”. The terrible man has tattoos of logo of political parties and churches and mosques. He also has inscription of the names of some men and women: some who had helped in his work of dealing with Nigeria and others who could have stopped him and can stop him but wouldn’t because of fear.
If Nigeria could see where this terrible man is taking him to, maybe she would have struggled for her salvation. But her eyes are covered, she can not see anything. She is moving in great darkness. Her mouth  tied too, she can’t call for help. When a man is silenced, then that man is dead. Nigeria has been silenced. When she tries to murmur, the terrible man beats her with a maze.
The sight is terrible and I can write no more of what I see. Who will save Nigeria? Nigeria needs a saviour. Who will save Nigeria?
I remember the Israelites were in oppression some years back, the Egyptians dealt with them. They could not move, talk, fight or run. They needed a saviour. They cried for help, expecting God to come down from heaven. God actually sent a man.
The man was reluctant, did not want to go. What is God saying? He couldn’t agree. Who can disagree with God? No man! The man went for the job, with God by his side, he took Israel out of oppression.
I cry for a saviour for Nigeria. God won’t come down. He will send a man. That man will be our saviour. O! Saviour, where are you?
You could be the saviour and you are still arguing with God on the mission. Remember! No one disagrees with God. Please, take the job. He wants you to help Him free Nigeria through ministry, politics, fashion, academics, security etc. Please, don’t argue with Him. Take the job.
O! Saviour, we need you to take Nigeria away from the terrible man and loose all her bondage.
I have received the job. O! Saviour, join me.


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