​There are so many reasons why people in our world today do not end up big. But most times, it is because of lack of purpose. I will want us to understand this: If you do not know your destination, you will never get to your destination. If you can’t tell the way to your destination, you will never get to your destination. Purpose is the reason for the existence of a thing, your purpose is the reason why you are existing here on earth.

We are all made to get to a certain destination and that is the purpose for our existence. There is a reason why we have been made the way we are, there is a divine circumstance surrounding the fact that we are male or female, black or white, crippled or whole.

If we do not discover our purpose, then our actions here on earth we just be futile. There are so many doctors who are not fulfilled today because their purpose actually is to help the world produce good automobiles (Mechanical Engineer). It is not that they did not do well in medical school, but all the distinctions they made while in school are just futile. Because you are getting high in a particular aspect of life might not really mean you are fulfilling the purpose of your existence. Rich doctors will leave their profession to become investors, because it is in investment that their fulfillment lies. Whatever you do that does not give you fulfillment, is not what you should be doing, it is not your purpose. Everyone has a purpose, but if you have not discovered it, you will be aimless, directionless and without motive.

There has been no fixed standard for discovering one’s purpose, but I will be giving certain things that can really help you in discovering your purpose. I want you to follow it with all of your heart and put it into practice.

KNOW IT: Have you ever wondered why some people will have a thing and they still we not use it, sometimes it is because they don’t know they have it, they do not know the worth. Same applies to our purpose. We all have a purpose, but some do not know they have a purpose for living. Do you have a purpose? Don’t be confused, you have a purpose. If you want to discover your purpose, you should first wake up to the fact that you have a purpose to fulfil. The definition of your purpose starts from knowing that you have a purpose. You have a purpose. Know it.
EXPLORE: Now this is a very ultimate way of discovering your purpose.Our purpose are connected with our abilities- what we can do best.To discover the true definition of our purpose, we should carry out some serious tests on our life. We should ask ourselves some vital questions:

  •  Who am I?
  • Where am I from?
  • What can I do?
  • What can I become?
  • In which aspect of life will I get fulfilled?

Giving answers to these questions and many other questions will guarantee us knowing our purpose. But we can’t just give answers to these questions by just sitting down in the corner of our room doing nothing.
The answers to these questions lie in our ability to explore our environment and the information that we are exposed to. One sure way to get good answers to these questions and discovering our purpose is to explore into the world of books- when we read books, we get exposed to lot of information and we know what everything about life entails. Motivational books and some other books will even explain deeply for us what our purpose should be. Too bad most people do not like to read and that is ignoring a part of the way to their purpose. Another wonderful way to discover purpose is to learn about new things and new places and new people, when you get familiar with new things, that which really is inclined to your purpose will stick to you very well. It is a sure thing. Learn how to cook, learn how to sow, learn how to talk, learn new things.

And most importantly, involve God to discover your purpose. He is your creator and the reason for your existence.

FOLLOW-UP: When you have discovered your purpose, it will be very unwise not to work in the way of that purpose. If you have discovered that your purpose is to be in the ‘law world’, don’t be busy battling with ‘medicine’. It is like getting a huge amount of money and keeping it under your bed to decay. Whatever your purpose is, be willing to carry it out. I will emphasis it, whatever your purpose is, be willing to carry it out. A striker never scores unless he decides to shoot the ball into the net- the power of will.

If you don’t know your purpose, your life will be a waste. If you know your purpose and you are not fulfilling it, your life will be a total waste. If you know your purpose and you are walking in correlation with it, you are surely the best.


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