“I Thought I Was There Already”- Egbedeyi Blessing

It was another amazing time with another lady of God. She is Egbedeyi Blessing. We were able to draw from her wealth of knowledge and experience. God bless you as you read:

Like most interview starts, can we meet you?
Owkay. My name is Egbedeyi Blessing. I am in my mid twenties, the first born of a family of four children, I am a christian and I am a student. Any other thing you will like to know will be answered accordingly.

Glory to God! Can you share with us your salvation experience?

Hmmm… All I can say is Glory be to God for finding me when I though I was there already. I have always been “self righteous” and “morally upright” but God dealt with me on 13th sept, 2012,  when I went for a camping retreat tagged “the cynosure” and since then God have been my sufficiency. Even though I fall sometimes, He is always there to pick me up.

Halleluyah. What really touched you at the camping retreat? Was it a song, a message or the theme? What exactly?

The message.

Can you remember the title and few things God passed across through the message?

I’ve always wished to be someone everyone reckons with, and the message came in a way that you cannot be a cynosure until you belong totally to God. The God news came in a unique way.

There are girls running away from Christ, how true is this?

Yes! Absolutely true. But I believe a man cannot run away from His creator, He knows all.

Why do you think girls run?

The main reason I think is because of peer groups, the truth is most people actually want to know christ, but once they hear the good news and go back to their company, due to the fact that the word is not deeply rooted, they tend to forget about it. Hunger for enjoyment of life, background, environment and not having a strong will are also causes.

Peer groups? Can you enlighten us ma?

Yes. I believe everybody has one or two group of friends she walks with, which goes a long way in influencing our individual ways of life.  Someone who doesn’t know Christ definitely is in a company of unbelievers. Therefore, if such person receives the good news and decides to leave the old way of life, the friends put pressure on such a person and if care is not taken, she is likely to fall back to sin.

Were you ever a victim of bad peer groups?

No. I never was. Remember I said I was self righteous and morally upright, so I had friends that were Christians but I wasn’t like them.

Did you have any challenges growing up?

[Smiles.] Yes. And I still do

Can you share some with us and how you overcame them?

Hmmmm. You know as a lady, there is always an idol in ur heart of what your husband will look like. As for me, I love guys with little bow leg, not too slim and hardworking and seriously it has been a challenge for me as a christian because I have a lot of guys like that around me and each each time I see them, I will just be like wow!  But even with that, I am overcoming it because all I do now is to pray and just accept that even if God’s will doesn’t look best to me, that’s what will give me the best if I hold on. Apart from relationships, before salvation and early periods of my walk with God, I also have this challenge of keeping malice with people, although I’ve always believed it’s not malice but a way of avoiding trouble by not telling an offence to the offender. But now, God has dealt with it and I confront anybody that does wrong to me to settle it amicably.

Glory to God.Can we talk about God’s will?

Hmmmm. What do you want me to talk about it?

How did you get to discard the idols in your heart for God’s will? Have you found God’s will?

Yes. I have but am not in a relationship with him for now. I had to discard the idol when I had a clear direction of who God’s will is, and I have come to realize that even though God’s plan seem not to work in your own eyes, it’s a matter of time, everything will fall in place and you will understand God actually had you in mind wen he was planning.

What are you doing presently?

I am a student.

Cool. What is your favorite Bible verse?

Isaiah  11:2

What do you have to tell girls that are running from God?

No matter how hard you run. It doesn’t cost God a second to catch up with you. No one runs from her creator

What about does battling with God’s will?

[Sigh] I battled o. It was a serious battle. But no other relationship worked for me, that was when I knew I had to calm down and work with God. There is a way that seems right to man, but the end thereof is destruction. Only a way walked through by God’s leading will not lead to destruction.

Hmmm. It’s nice getting to share from your experience and wisdom. Do you have any words for CGN?

Yes. CGN is a good platform and seriously, this generation needs to be informed about issues relating to life. All I can say is that God will give you the grace not to be weary in this ministry of yours. Keep up the good work

Thank you ma.


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