The CGN Mandate

Greetings I bring in the name of Jesus Christ. I sincerely bless the name of the Lord for our members; partners; friends; critics; people who constitute our advisory body people we have touched; everyone who is connected to CGN. Because of your selfless contributions, we have been able to record greater success than we could have imagined.

We have come to that point in our existence where our work seems to get complicated, but with the help of God all things are made easy. When CGN started in 2016, our goal was to stop premarital sex among girls, hence abortion. As the achieving of that goal unfolded, we discovered that God has not sent us to stop premarital sex alone; He has sent us to stop all the works of the devil in our world today, not just among girls but also among guys. He has sent us to bring people to the knowledge and fulfillment of His intent for their lives. While our target is the girl child in Nigeria, we are mandated to reach every single soul in Nigeria and beyond.
I will at this point want to thank members of the Standing Committee of CGN who have worked with me so far to ensure that God’s instructions are not just passed but followed. Before I give the administration structure of CGN, let me make clear to us our vision and mission. Our vision is to produce females who are regenerated and steadfast in Jesus, thereby fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives. And our missions include bringing girls to Christ Jesus; teaching them the kingdom life, letting them know that females have power; empowering them and giving  skills to them. Like I mentioned earlier, that while our target is the girl child, our vision and mission are extended to everyone on earth. Our vision and mission is God mandated. Glory to God.
CGN is made up of great and wonderful people. Trust me you are wonderful and great too and so you can be a part of us. Membership is open to everyone, both male and female. We have the Standing Committee which is the highest decision making body of CGN. As the president of CGN, I belong to this Committee. Other people in this committee include the Vice President; General Secretary; Treasurer; Programmes & Protocol Officer; Prayer Secretary and Choir Secretary. This Committee meets from time to time to discuss matters concerning CGN and they are respective leaders of other Committees and Units. For example, the President is the head of the Disciplinary Committee; the Vice President is the overall head of the workforce; the Prayer Secretary is in charge of the Prayer unit; the Choir Secretary is head of the Chosen Voices- the CGN Choir.
We also have the workforce; this constitutes people who belong to different units and see to the effective achievement of CGN programmes. Presently we have the following units: Prayer; Counseling; Ushering; Choir; Programmes; Protocol; Media & Publicity; Transport; Evangelism. The functions of all these units are duly spelled in the CGN book. While these people give all their best to CGN, CGN is also responsible for their growth and so we ensure that they are equipped Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and in all other ramifications. We have the advisory body in CGN and they are the people we meet for advice, prayers and contributions- notable people in this body include Pastor Adesina Ayobami; Barrister Idowu Tolu; Mummy & Daddy Opapeju among others. We are very grateful to these men and women of great wisdom.
So far, we have been able to conduct some programmes and activities to the Glory of God. I will like to state clearly that CGN is just a medium through which God is performing His mighty works, all programmes and activities belong to God. We have been able to create an online presence for God on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, WhatsApp and WordPress Blog all with the username ChosenGirlNG. Online we paste edifying articles, pictures and statements and we thank God for the fruits of our toil- we have followers on all platforms who testify to the blessings they have received from God through us. In March 2016, we had a publication produced with title ‘Lies Boys Tell Girls To Have Sex With Them’. This publication circulated around Ede, Osun State and we have not been able to produce any other since then, we believe that we will restore this publication by July, 2017.
We have had series of programmes, which include: Ede Sisters Retreat (now Hadassah Conference) which holds in Ede every year; School Visitations to Secondary Schools; Holy Ghost Power Retreat for members of CGN and currently we are holding a prayer meeting called ‘Taste’ every Friday in Ede. Our programmes have blessed the lives of participants despite the many challenges we faced. The challenges came and we were more than conqueror, I actually don’t think they were challenges, they just pretended to be.
We will keep fulfilling God’s Mandate for our lives. By the end of this year, we will be strongly based in Ede and Ife, Osun State. We bless God for how far He has come with us and I personally am so indebted to Him.
A big thanks I say to everyone that has been a part of CGN. I love you all.

_+CGN President._


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