Christian Living Series- Introduction

Hello, this week we will be looking at Christian living, paying much emphasis on some certain things that may destroy our walk with God. These things do not necessarily make us sinners, but a continuous engaging in them will cause havoc to our lives and sometimes lead us to loosing Salvation.

Let us be clear that this series is for people who have received Salvation and so if you are not yet born again, take a pause at this point and dedicate your life to God (You can send a WhatsApp message to +2348105855734 for a series on being born again).
When we give our lives to Christ we do not necessarily become perfect instantly. All the bad words and songs registered in our brains do not leave automatically, but as time goes on we become renewed and discard all the bad things we used to do. Then there are this things (bad things) in our lives that we are not conscious of, this series will look into some of these acts.

Looking into the life of Isaiah, before he encountered Christ if anyone had told him he had a ‘bad mouth’ he would have argued. After producing 5 chapters of his book with great authority and confidence he encountered God and it was then he realized who he actually was. God wants to reveal who we really are to us, and it takes God alone to do that.

Peter was confident he would not deny Jesus but when he faced the situation, he denied Jesus three times. There are things  hiding in our heart that only manifest once in a while, we don’t know these things and so we think we are perfect.

For some Christians, complaining is the thing. For others it is strife. One can imagine how a very tongue speaking Christian becomes real carnal in the sight of money. Only God can reveal those hidden things in our heart and that is why we have to cry to God to search us and reveal to us who we really are.

As we go through this series, be attentive to what the Holy Spirit wants to communicate to you and get aligned to it. God bless you.
1. Try and remember instances where fellow believers did bad things that surprised you.

2. Try and remember cases where you did some bad things and you couldn’t believe you were capable of doing them.

1. Lord, search me and reveal to me who I am.


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