Christian Living Series- Looking Unto Jesus

Most Christians are guilty of not looking unto Jesus, but we will not admit to it. We don’t admit to this because we are blindfolded by a lack of understanding of what it means to be born again. While most of us looked at Jesus on the day we became born again (and probably when we need Jesus’ help), Jesus is expecting that we keep our gaze on Him every time. Notice the ‘ing’ after ‘look’ in Hebrews 12:2, it denotes that our connection to God should be continual and without break.

You have the Holy Spirit and if you are willing and obedient (to listen), He will point out to you ways by which you have kept your gaze away from Jesus. We really overlook this aspect of Christian living, but it is very important.

How do you know when you are no longer looking unto Jesus? When Jesus looses priority over your life. When you begin to love some other things above Jesus.

Some Christians have allowed marriage/relationship take over from Jesus in their life. All the attention they used to give to Jesus is now transferred to their loved ones. This transfer is not usually obvious and we will not quickly own to this and make corrections. For some other Christians, it is academics; employment; prosperity; ministry; anointing; position etc. Do not forget that everything is controlled by Jesus. The Christian life demands that you keep ‘lookiiiinnnng’ unto Jesus (Matthew 6:33).


1. Surrender to the Holy Spirit to reveal to you things that have taken the position of Christ in your heart.

2. Try and remember times when you have placed  things above Christ.

1. Lord, I am sorry for loosing focus on you.

2. Be the King over my life o Lord.

3. I surrender everything that I have to you Lord. (Mention things, people, events etc that belongs to you)


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