Christian Living Series- Tongue Is A Fire

We give God all the glory for the expositions He has given unto us this past days. Do not just read through this series like you read all other articles, but make sure that what you read brings meaning to your life- this is possible by a strong determination backed with serious prayer. The Christian life is gotten by hearing, seeing, studying, receiving Christ; but it is perfected in the place of prayer.

Let us quickly look at a way in which our tongue affects our Christian life. If there is one thing that Christians do not please God with, it is the words that come out of our mouth. We actually do not say bad words since we are born again, but there are words that do not leave our mouth and we are not worried they are there because we think they are not necessary.

One thing is sure, that God is surely not happy with us when we speak bad words from our mouth. These words might be insultive, abusive, downgrading or devilish. For example, there are many times Christians speak bad about the government; several times when we call our family members and friends stupid; even periods when we just decide to speak words that cannot be played in public. We sometimes say these words jokingly and we think they don’t affect our walk with God, we always say God understands. Haba! God does not like evil talks and you will give accounts in heaven for every single one you have said.

We might not want to agree with this point, we have made it clear earlier that there are so many things wrong with our Christian life that we might not notice. Now is the time to make decisions to make our Christian life better with the words of our mouth.

Make sure you feed your heart with good things, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Believe me, there are books you should throw away now and stop reading; songs you should delete on your devices; videos you should stop watching and company you should stop keeping. Even God encourages that we should always relate only with good things (Phil 4:8).


1. List out all the bad words you have spoken in recent times (especially those that you think does not matter).

2. Make a decision not to speak those bad words again and be careful in your conversations.


1. Help me Lord to be careful with my mouth not to say words that will make you unhappy.


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