Christian Living Series- Christian Caucus

Have you noticed that Christians are always in different groups? You may belong to one and that is wrong for your Christian life.

Now, by group we don’t mean ministries and units in Churches. We are referring to the segregations we have made amongst ourselves by reason of doctrines, academic qualifications, background, wealth and others. And so we see Christians belonging to some certain set of people who are rich but do not relate with the poor.

Jesus does not preach that we should divide ourselves for the criticism of ourselves. In fact, Jesus prayed that we may be one. There are so many ungodly factions that we have among ourselves and if you belong to any, God is calling you to come out of them and love all.

The most common type of segregation among Christians are the people who think they are too holy and so they don’t relate with others who seem unholy. That is why once they see a Christian fall, they are quick to castigate and rebuke; even when they should actually show love. Are you in such group, where you think you are too holy for others? Of course, you are holy, but holiness is not denying others because of their shortcomings. The Sister in your fellowship got pregnant and so she does not belong to the group of Christians you deal with, she is now unholy. Or the Christian who lives in the next door is crippled and so you start ignoring him.

Even Jesus was with all types of people all His life. There was no preference as to whom He related. God is calling you brethren to stop the discrimination you have brought into Christianity. There is really nothing like rich Christian, poor Christian, holy Christian, unholy Christian, sick Christian etc. We are all Christians.

Let’s God’s love grow in you that you may see everyone as your brothers and sisters.


1. Try and figure out how you have rejected to relate with other Christians.

2. For what reason did you reject them.

3. Make a decision to come out of the mindset of belonging to a group of Christians.


1. Lord, let your love grow in me.

2. Help me to be disciplined in my relations with other people (Christian and non Christians).


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