Proverbs 31 Woman- Introduction

We need to look at what a woman is and who a woman is. What a woman is, is totally different from who a woman is.

Now, what is a woman? A woman is a helper. I would want us to understand that this role of a woman can actually be played by any other thing. That is why in Genesis 2:19-20 God brought all the animals before Adam to give name to them, but he did not find a helper. God gave Adam the liberty to choose a partner for himself and so Adam gave the animals their identity. It was not like Adam gave lion the name lion, or goat the name goat. What Adam did was give them their identity (role), so Adam gave lion the king identity, gave tortoise the cunny Identity etc., but Adam did not find any of the animals to give the helper identity.

God had to cause Adam to sleep and out of Adam he produced another being. Adam saw that being, recognized the being as a helper and called her woman- gave her the identity of woman. If Adam had not liked what he saw, he could have given that being another identity. As far as God is concerned, a woman is the best helper that man can ever get. The what is a woman explains her identity.

Who is a woman? After Adam had recognized her as his helper, he went ahead to give a confession (Genesis 2:23). Adam called her woman because she was taken from man. And that is who she was- an extension of man. Therefore she was everything God had ever commanded and said about Adam. If you take a bowl of water out of the well, you will still have the well water in the bowl; if the well water is bitter, the water in the bowl will be bitter.

Every thing connected to the man as written in Genesis 1:26-30 was also connected to the woman. The woman therefore is made in God’s image and likeness, she has dominion too.

The what and the who of the woman produced result later in Genesis 3. I am of the opinion that the woman obeyed the serpent because of the fact that she knows and thinks she has dominion- even over the tree at the middle of the garden. And at that time, she thought she was doing the man a favor- helping him. She ate the fruit and a great event happened. At the end of the event, the man called the woman Eve which means life.

Every woman is a portal for life both physically and spiritually. Physically, it is through the woman that new human beings are produced. Spiritually, life flows through her and that is why Christ married the Church, the Church being the bride so that His life will flow through the Church to the world.

A woman is an helper created in the Image and likeness of God to have dominion and be a producer of life. If you are a lady and you have not recognized yourself as a helper- always keeping to yourself and being lazy or you don’t know you are created in God’s image and likeness- trying to change your looks and allowing circumstances/people take advantage of you or you and not giving life to your environment- always negative and unproductive, then you are not a woman. Rethink and align your life.

God bless you.


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