Breast Cancer [Part 3]


There are many types of breast cancer. Some are more common than others, and there are also combinations of cancers .
Some of the most common types of cancer are as follows:

  • Ductal carcinoma in situ: The most common type of noninvasive breast cancer is ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). This type of cancer has not spread and therefore usually has a very high cure rate.
  • Invasive ductal carcinoma: This cancer starts in a duct of the breast and grows into the surrounding tissue. It is the most common form of breast cancer. About 80% of invasive breast cancers are invasive ductal carcinoma .
  • Invasive lobular carcinoma: This breast cancer starts in the glands of the breast that produce milk. Approximately 10% of invasive breast cancers are invasive lobular carcinoma.

The remainder of breast cancers are much less common and include the following:

  • Mucinous carcinoma are formed from mucus-producing cancer cells. Mixed tumors contain a variety of cell types.
  • Medullary carcinoma is an infiltrating breast cancer that presents with well-defined boundaries between the cancerous and noncancerous tissue.
  • Inflammatory breast cancer: This cancer makes the skin of the breast appear red and feel warm (giving it the appearance of an infection). These changes are due to the blockage of lymph vessels by cancer cells.
  • Triple-negative breast cancers: This is a subtype of invasive cancer with cells that lack estrogen and progesterone receptors and have no excess of a specific protein (HER2) on their surface. It tends to appear more often in younger women and African-American women.
  • Paget’s disease of the nipple: This cancer starts in the ducts of the breast and spreads to the nipple and the area surrounding the nipple. It usually presents with crusting and redness around the nipple.
  • Adenoid cystic carcinoma: These cancers have both glandular and cystic features. They tend not to spread aggressively and have a good prognosis.
  • Lobular carcinoma in situ: This is not a cancer but an area of abnormal cell growth that can lead to invasive breast cancer later in life.

The following are other uncommon types of breast cancer:
-Papillary carcinoma
-Phyllodes tumor
-Tubular carcinoma


Breast Cancer [Part 2]


The following are risk factors for breast cancer:
•Age: The chances of breast cancer increase as one gets older.
•Family history: The risk of breast cancer is higher among women who have relatives with the disease. Having a close relative with the disease (sister, mother, daughter) doubles a woman’s risk.
•Personal history: Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in one breast increases the risk of cancer in the other breast or the chance of an additional cancer in the original breast.
Women diagnosed with certain benign breast conditions have an increased risk of breast cancer. These include atypical hyperplasia, a condition in which there is abnormal proliferation of breast cells but no cancer has developed.
•Menstruation : Women who started their menstrual cycle at a younger age (before 12) or went through menopause later (after 55) have a slightly increased risk.
•Breast tissue: Women with dense breast tissue (as documented by mammogram) have a higher risk of breast cancer.
•Race: White women have a higher risk of developing breast cancer, but African-American women tend to have more aggressive tumors when they do develop breast cancer.
•Exposure to previous chest radiation or use of diethylstilbestrol increases the risk of breast cancer.
•Having no children or the first child after age 30 increases the risk of breast cancer.
•Breastfeeding for one and a half to two years might slightly lower the risk of breast cancer.
•Being overweight or obese increases the risk of breast cancer both in pre- and postmenopausal women but at different rates.
•Use of oral contraceptives in the last 10 years increases the risk of breast cancer slightly.
Using combined hormone therapy after
menopause increases the risk of breast cancer.
•Alcohol use increases the risk of breast cancer, and this seems to be proportional to the amount of alcohol used. A recent study reviewing the research on alcohol use and breast cancer concluded that all levels of alcohol use are associated with an increased risk for breast cancer. This includes even light drinking.
•Exercise seems to lower the risk of breast cancer.
•Genetic risk factors: The most common causes are mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes (breast cancer and ovarian cancer genes). Inheriting a mutated gene from a parent means that one has a significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer [Part 1]

What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer starts when cells in the breast begin to grow out of control. These cells usually form a tumor that can often be seen on an x-ray or felt as a lump. The tumor is malignant (cancer) if the cells can grow into (invade) surrounding tissues or spread (metastasize) to distant areas of the body. Breast cancer occurs almost entirely in women, but men can get breast cancer , too.

Where Breast Cancer Starts

Breast cancers can start from different parts of the breast.
Most breast cancers begin in the ducts that carry milk to the nipple (ductal cancers). Some start in the glands that make breast milk (lobular cancers).
A small number of cancers start in other tissues in the breast. These cancers are called sarcomas and lymphomas and are not really thought of as breast cancers.

Although many types of breast cancer can cause a lump in the breast, not all do.
Many breast cancers are found on screening Mammograms which can detect cancers at an earlier stage, often before they can be felt, and before symptoms develop.

It’s also important to understand that most breast lumps are benign and not cancer (malignant). Non-cancerous breast tumors are abnormal growths, but they do not spread outside of the breast and they are not life threatening. But some benign breast lumps can increase a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer. Any breast lump or change needs to be checked by a health care professional to determine if it is benign or malignant (cancer) and if it might affect your future cancer risk.

How Breast Cancer Spreads

Breast cancer can spread when the cancer cells get into the blood or lymph system and are carried to other parts of the body.
The lymph system is a network of lymph (or lymphatic) vessels found throughout the body that connects lymph nodes (small bean-shaped collections of immune system cells). The clear fluid inside the lymph vessels, called lymph, contains tissue by-products and waste material, as well as immune system cells. The lymph vessels carry lymph fluid away from the breast.
In the case of breast cancer, cancer cells can enter those lymph vessels and start to grow in lymph nodes.
Most of the lymph vessels of the breast drain into:

  • Lymph nodes under the arm (axillary nodes)
  • Lymph nodes around the collar bone (supraclavicular [above the collar bone] and infraclavicular [below the collar bone] lymph nodes)
  • Lymph nodes inside the chest near the breast bone (internal mammary lymph nodes).

If cancer cells have spread to your lymph nodes, there is a higher chance that the cells could have traveled through the lymph system and spread (metastasized) to other parts of your body. The more lymph nodes with breast cancer cells, the more likely it is that the cancer may be found in other organs. Because of this, finding cancer in one or more lymph nodes often affects your treatment plan. Usually, you will need surgery to remove one or more lymph nodes to know whether the cancer has spread.
Still, not all women with cancer cells in their lymph nodes develop metastases, and some women with no cancer cells in their lymph nodes develop metastases later.

You and 2018 – Plan! – FelaOmisakin

Now that you have greeted 2018 welcome, what’s next? One of the biggest mistakes you can make in this New Year is to have no plan of what you want to do or what you are expected to achieve in 2018. Planning helps us to make the right decisions, especially when our plans are made with our life purpose in mind. Believe me, in 2018 you are going to be faced with lots of decisions and you can really spare yourself the confusion of making choices when you already know what you are set to achieve and the standards you stand for.

Jesus was pointing out to some people how a builder will first sit down to count the cost of building before embarking on a building project and how a king will first sit down to strategize before going to war. I am pointing out to you at this moment how you should sit first and look after your life.

It is actually not too late to make your plans for 2018, the best time is now. I am not saying you are going to put down everything you will do in 2018, you cannot determine some factors. I need you to set major and cogent goals and how you want to achieve them. For example, one of my plans in 2018 is to teach and equip a certain number of girls to fulfil purpose in 2018, and I have a strategy to achieve this plan; I also have a plan to establish a strong administrative structure for Chosen Girl NG and many other plans. With my plans, I won’t live amiss in 2018.

So, sit down first and plan for 2018. Put away the rice and chicken and make this decision to make your life better. This is the best time to consult God; ask Him what He will have you do in this New Year – you can make your plans around it. Look at your heart desires – you can make your plans around them. Look at your environment – you can make your plans out of there. Examine what you have been doing from time past – those things will guide you to make your plans. Look into your future – You can make your plans from it. Just get a book and a pen and meditate; make the plans now.

Whatever plans you come up with, don’t be ashamed of them – it is your guideline into glory. Work with your plans at all time. Your plan might be to get a car in 2018, go after it. Your plan might be to get married in 2018, work towards it. Whatever your plans are, make sure you make use of them.

I will be rounding up by encouraging you to stop whatever you are doing now, go somewhere, sit down and make plans for 2018. Hold on to this- the plans you make on January 1, 2018 will be the bedrock of your testimonies on December 31, 2018.

You are blessed.

With so great love.

Study your Bible – FelaOmisakin

To my Christian friends and everyone who calls on the name of Jesus:

I am glad you have taken time to read what I have put up here. I have come to discover that there are some people around trying to get Christians around to become people of other religions. In 2017, I witnessed painfully how some friends moved from Christianity into Islam, traditional worship and others- those moments were sad times for me (people who were around me when the horrible transitions happened will testify).

But then I have noticed that all who get converted and walk away from the Christian faith are people who do not have deep understanding of the Bible. And that is why I want to encourage you to study the word and be established in it.

The thing is you might not understand some things you read in the Bible and you might have questions. Please, try and direct your questions to fellow believers. Don’t try to look for an unbelievers concept of the Bible- an unbeliever will always make spiritual things look foolish. If you want to grow as a Christian, never neglect fellowship with fellow believers.

Let me make a little illustration. If you are in law department and there is a particular law course you don’t understand, you don’t go to meet your friend in engineering department to explain the course to you. Instead you meet a fellow law department student who knows better than you to explain to you, if you go and meet your friend in the engineering department to explain to you, you will fail eventually. Same applies to you as a believer, the Bible is best explained to you by fellow believers.

There are unbelievers trying to teach that the Bible is fake and imperfect, it will be dangerous to fall into their hands.

I want you to take the Holy Spirit as your greatest companion, study the word YOURSELF with earnest prayers. Know what the Bible say and believe in it firmly. Refuse to be deceived.

At this point, I want you to take few minutes and pray for every Christian who is currently in the wrong hands, that God who is faithful will bring them to the true understanding of His truth. Amen.

Endeavour to share with family and friends. Thank you very much. God bless you.

With great love.

​“But after then I decided not to give up and that was when I took the JAMB form again.” – Ayo Bello

CGN had the privilege to interview one wonderful lady, she is one of the great ladies of our generation. We had a wonderful time with her and we believe the words that came from her during the interview will bless you so much.

Can we meet you?
Thank you so much for having this interview with me. My name is Ayo Bello. I am a recent graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, I studied Sociology and Anthropology. I am a YALI fellow – Young African Leaders Initiative. I am a humanitarian, I am a graduate of The Institute of Humanitarian Studies and Social Development. I’m an entrepreneur and I am also the Director of Ladies Circle International, a Non-Profit Organization focused on helping the girl child. Basically that’s all about me.

Can you share with us your salvation experience?

Owkay. I got saved in year 2011, which was when I came to O.A.U. for Pre-degree. I have a Muslim background, my dad is a Muslim. Even while I was a Muslim, there were so many questions in my heart Islam could not provide answers to, so I made up my mind that God when I get into school I am going to be a Christian. So, when I resumed for Pre-degree I joined Spirit Chapel Church where I was a worker, that was where I met with Christ. I accepted Christ and the journey began. When I go home, I sneak to church because my Dad mustn’t know I was going to church every Wednesdays and then Sundays and when I come back to school I go to church. With time I got the boldness after praying and trusting in the Holy Spirit and then I went home and told my dad. I sat him down in a meeting- I want to be a Christian; I want to start going to Church; I don’t want to go to the mosque again and to my utmost surprise he allowed me. That was 2011 and this is 2017 and I am proud to tell you that my siblings are now converted to Christians and my dad was still in church last week. That’s my salvation experience, it’s been getting better.

What was growing up like? Especially as a girl. What were the good, the bad, challenges and how you overcame?

Growing up was good for me, my parents were awesome and they are still awesome. My dad is an accountant while my mum is a business woman. I was so cool, I had everything I wanted –  fast education and all. But the whole thing changed when I became a teenager. When I finished secondary school, I gained admission into a Polytechnic because I didn’t want to go home. Some issues came up in that Polytechnic – Gateway Polytechnic  and that got me rusticated from school. I met this guy in a restaurant and then he gave me some money to buy weed for him, I didn’t know what was meant by weed. So he described his place and he explained to me that his university is a private university and they don’t permit students to come outside except they are on break and he was meant to resume that evening, he begged me to bring it to school for him that evening. Innocently I took the money and then I bought him the weed and I went to his school. Getting to the school, the school security asked me who I wanted to see. I told them who I wanted to see, I mentioned his name and they asked what for. I said I brought him some things and I think when I passed the school security smelt weed and they took it from me. I didn’t know what I was carrying, I didn’t know that was Indian hemp, I didn’t know that was weed. The next thing was that they searched, they rough handled me, they called the police. I was just sixteen and I slept in the cell for 5 days. My parents came, they threatened to take me to the NDLEA. It was really traumatizing for me, that was my worse experience growing up as a child. My picture was pasted round the school that whosoever has anything to do with me does that at his or her own risk. My parents sued the school, it was a whole lot of drama. Well, I was not happy. I was violated as a young girl and then I had so many of the Police men mounting pressure – owkay sleep with me and then I would release you, I was way too young for that. So, that was one of my worst experiences as a young girl growing up. After the whole thing, I went back to school and I faced series of panels and then my school rusticated me. But after then I decided not to give up and that was when I took the JAMB form again. Came to OAU and started a NGO to mobilize girls better.

So many girls are going through so many situations, some want to give up. What would you say to them?

Girls that are there that are going through a whole lot. What I would say is this – The solution to that problem is actually in you. Whatever happens to you is actually your choice. You can choose to be a better person. You can choose to give up. But I would advise you to not give up because you are actually going through this because God needs you to help some people out of their problem. Whatever you go through actually grows you. So when you have a particular experience, you are experiencing that because God knows you have the power; you have what it takes to overcome it. Don’t fail God with that challenge, don’t fail God with that problem. No matter how difficult you think it is, no matter how bad you thin, it is not difficult. Whenever you come through any challenge, know that you have what it takes to overcome the challenge and don’t give up.

Have you ever felt embarrassed being a female?

I have never felt embarrassed that I am a female, I love the fact that I am a female. If I would come back to this life I would love to be a female, I love it. Not because of the gender roles, I love what it means to be feminine. I love the way the Bible describes a woman especially in Proverbs 31, it’s a very sweet gender. Talking about gender – the biological features, I love what it is to be a woman. I like the fact that we are the only ones permitted help God when it comes to creation, we carry the baby and that is why its really very beautiful. And apart from them, the role we play –  We are the home builders. We are meant to be filled with compassion, we are the queen. We should build the home, we should cater for the children. Being a woman is actually a multi-tasking job. You have to be successful career wise, you have to be on the prayer altar. You have to be fervent, you have to have good words of wisdom. It means you have to be an all-rounder, you have to be able to solve problems. So it’s a very beautiful role, it’s a very beautiful gender. I really really like it, its really challenging. Its nice. Though its sensitive, whatever it is you do you are being downgrade because you are a woman. Its really challenging and that’s what makes it beautiful. I have never been embarrassed at all. I love it.

How come you are bold and confident today?

I am very confident and bold because, one, I believe so much in God and I have discovered purpose. You know once you discover your purpose and you know what you do with your life, you won’t have fears again because definitely you know where you are going. Even if you don’t really understand it and God is unfolding it to you from time to time, you will have the confidence because nobody is teaching you what to do, you are not lazy. You are not at anybody’s mercy. God is the one leading you. So even if somebody tries to close you, you know that your creator; your father got your back. Definitely you have to be confident. And then I major in my strength. I love to talk; I love to inspire people, so I just develop that- I attend events. Talent is not enough, discovering your calling is not enough. You need to have the energy to pursue. You need to look for people, you need to have mentors. You need to get trained so by the time you have that; once you know your purpose and by the time you have the skills the people in the world will attest that this babe is making sense. So once you have all of that there will be no need of fears, you will be very very confident in all that you do. And then especially when you have a working relationship with the Holy Spirit and then you have the ability to discern, it will help you not to make mistakes. Even when you want to make decisions, when you want to say something you will be very very confident of what you are saying. So, God is actually the source of my confidence.

Is there anything that the world doesn’t know about you that you think will shock the world if they find out?

Yeah! I mentioned it earlier. I think the world does not know I was rusticated from school. And then what else? Nothing. That’s actually the most sensitive part. And yes! Another thing is this; I think I got into a relationship very early. I had my first relationship when I was fifteen. I don’t think there is any other thing so sensitive about my life.

You have passions for girls, what brought about this passion?

What brought about my passion for girls was actually my experience in the Polytechnic that I mentioned earlier. I feel no girl should go through it. No minor should be in the Police Station for more than four days when she has not done anything wrong. Even if she has, it is inhumane to treat someone like that. That’s what I believe. And then I feel like it was out of premature exposure or out of ignorance, so I feel like people should be able to stand on their rights. If I was so vocal, even though I knew it then that what this guy was sending me was kind of wrong, even though I didn’t understand what it was, but you know I just didn’t have the courage to tell him why don’t you go buy it yourself. I felt I was indebted and I needed to do him a favor. Girls should be able to choose what they want to do, we should be able to say yes or no. We should not pity somebody because you want to make them feel good, that’s not what it means to be a girl. So I think if ladies have this feminine consciousness even right from primary school, am not saying we should have gender superiority- No! A woman should definitely submit herself to her husband. But you just need to understand all of these things because it will make you understand your own self before even choosing the partner. You won’t b search for less and you won’t sell yourself short. So you need to have a full idea of yourself. You owe nobody any explanations. You need to love yourself; you need to understand what you want even from a very tender age. If I had known what I wanted, if I really knew the guy was going to implicate me… in fact when I was even arrested I was still trying to cover up for the guy, for you to know how ignorant and innocent I was. I kept saying No o, he didn’t send me because I already saw that he was already having troubles with his school. It was until they took me to the police station I had to confess that owkay this guy sent me. When I saw the school authority attacking him, I had to say no; this is not the person I am looking for, out of fear and I was implicating myself furthermore. I don’t think any girl should be like that. We should be able to stand up to say owkay yes, this was what happened. When I hear of rape cases, the girls are even shy to say this was the person that raped me. It is not the person that was raped that should be ashamed; it is the rapist that should be ashamed.

Can you tell us about LCI?

Ladies Circle International – LCI is a pro-girl Non-Profit Organization. We are two years old, we started May 2015. Ladies Circle International is committed to polishing potentials of vulnerable young girls. And how do we achieve this? We achieve this by organizing conferences, we have this annual debate and spelling bee competition we do for primary and secondary school students. We organize sensitization workshops. We are particular about promoting education, saying yes to education and eradicating every form of violence particularly Female Genital Mutilation. So we work with circumcisers, traditional birth attendants. Ladies Circle International is grass root Non-Profit, so we go into the communities. We also run support systems for those who have been violated. That’s what LCI is all about. So we envisage a world were girls have access to education, they are not threatened by any means of violence. We want a world where girls have equal opportunities to education and violence is not what is hindering them because we know of places where a girl cannot go to school because she is menstruating, because she cannot afford sanitary pad and she has to stay at home for three, five to six days that she is on her period. These are some of the things we are trying to curb. LCI is functional here in Ile-Ife and we also hope to extend to within Nigeria. And LCI has also won some awards in the last two years and if you want to have a good record of our direct and indirect impact, I would be able to say we have been able to touch up to two thousand lives in a short while.

Do you have plans for Nigeria as a person?
Of course. I have plans for Nigeria as a person because I believe the change begins with me, the change starts with me. So my plans for Nigeria is to touch my own self, being the best of myself – discover myself and make the best of who am meant to be and let that light shine across my family and across my neighborhood. I plan to also set up a foundation, I am going to be having Ayo Bello Foundation for Children With Special Needs. I am going to be running Ayo Bello Farms to provide food and to also boost the agricultural sector. Am also going to run Ayo Bello Foundation for Educational Scholarship. That’s like me contributing my own quota to the country. Am also happy to be a proud citizen, I also have my plans by representing the country at different events and to also be the best of myself to be recognized as a Nigerian even to the world at large.

Which country would you love to visit soon?

Very soon I would love to visit the United States of America because I have heard a whole lot about the country. I just don’t want to go there for fun; I want to go there to seek the way they do things. I want to see the way they behave; I want to see how they have been able to grow their economy. It’s beyond reading about them; I want to go there to meet with them. I want to make friends there; I want to learn from them. I believe one of the reasons why America is one of the best country is because they have almost everyone from different parts of the country represented there. I want to see how their government is really working, I love the way they organize their elections. When they say God bless America, I want to see what makes it stand out. Maybe it’s as a result of curiousness, but I just want to be there.

Your favorite Bible verse

My favorite Bible verse! That’s quite difficult because I have a couple of them. Well, I love the book of Proverbs a whole lot. I can read proverbs 31 almost every day. In fact, every day from first to thirtieth I read Proverbs one; Proverbs two; down to the thirtieth day and I keep reading it like that every month. So it really helps me read the words of wisdom. But in particular I really love Mark 11:24 and it says “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” This verse of the Bible makes me understand that God is so concerned about everything about me, I feel God is interested in the cloth I want to wear out, He is particular about how I wear my make up, He is interested in the style of hair I want to make. So I feel like everything I desire, every single thing I desire; so far I believe in God and I pray to him, am go to really have those things. It gives me confidence each time I need something or each time I need an inspiration, an Idea and I go to this Mark 11:24,it kinds of rejuvenates me and am really hopeful that yes am really going to get the result because this is just like the best gift you can have, when the creator of the universe tells you that whatsoever things you desire, when you pray for them and you believe them you shall have them.

Females like purple and pink, is that your best color too?

I am not really a fan of colors and it depends on what the color is for. I love really cool colors. When it comes to clothing, I love flashy colors because of my skin color – am caramel, am chocolate. When it comes to interior decoration, I love grey; I love cream; I love really cool colors. So am not really a fan of a particular color. Of course, purple is royalty. It depends on what I need the color for.

Your words to girls and the whole world

To every one girl out there, what I will say is this: Nobody will give you power or any position to occupy except you go out for it. You shouldn’t feel less of yourself because you are a girl. You are first a human before a wife, you are first a human being before choosing to take that position. So look into yourself; what makes you happy. You have to discover your purpose before saying you need to get a partner in this life. You need to be happy, you need to understand your own self. You need to polish your own potentials. Its beyond praying, its beyond saying you want to preserve your virginity. Its beyond saying you are a good girl, you have to keep growing every day. You need to learn how to cook; you need to learn how to be clean; you need to learn how to communicate well; you need to learn how to be vocal; you need to learn how to be a woman. It’s not just about theory – saying when I get married, No! It doesn’t have to be like that because most times girls who talk like that, when their partner comes they find it hard to adjust because what they are saying is the future – the future is now. Your partner can come now. You are not doing this because of your partner, but at least for your own self. Let your children say that’s my mum. Things your parent could not achieve, try to achieve it. Nothing is really stopping you. I know there are times you get so tired, it happens to me too – when I am so tired and I don’t want to pursue any career again, I just need a guy to come and marry me off; it happens once in a while but that’s not it, you are not a liability. You are first an individual, you are a human being, You are meant to be a vessel unto honor, so you need to do all these things. You are meant to serve your God before you go to have the husband as your head. I think once you have these, it will actually put you inn check.

Do you have any words for CGN?

Chosen Girl Nigeria, I want to say thank you so much. I really appreciate your platform, I love the vision. And I know that God that has begun the good work will perfect it in Jesus name [Amen]. Seriously, I don’t want you to be discouraged; the Bible says we should not despise the days of little beginnings, I know you are hoping to extend your tentacles but I believe that as you are touching lives – because you are actually touching lives because I know that definitely when people read this interview lives will get changed. So, I believe God has so much in stock for you. Please don’t give up on your dreams, keep pushing; keep doing it; keep praying; keep uploading. And at the same time, also look for the relevant things that even those that we claim are in the world do because one thing about those in the world and why it looks like they are more successful is because they actually understand the laws. So I don’t want you to be limited to spirituality, I want you to also make good research. I want you to know when to restructure your organization. I want you to know when to upgrade your blog; when you are going to have a website, all of those things should be in plans. One thing I believe is if its in your heart, it will be in your hands. I see Chosen Girl Nigeria expanding tentacles to countries beyond Nigeria. I want to see this interview on a higher platform; I want to read about you in the papers; I want to see you on the TV. I appreciate you so much. Please, don’t give up. Volunteers will come and go; staffs will disappoint you but the vision should never die. Even when you are discouraged, when there is no data to upload; when you have financial challenges, the vision should still be alive. Long silence does not connote the death of a vision. So, no matter what the challenge is, don’t forget the vision and keep trying to God to keep unfolding more of the things He still has in stock for this organization and platform.

It’s a pleasure having to have this encounter with you. We believe in you. Thank you ma. God bless you.

The Proverbs 31 Woman – What she is not

Before we begin to consider and study who the Proverbs 31 woman, let us be careful to say what Proverbs 31 does not tell us. Proverbs 31 has mentioned so many things and has left some things untouched- because does things are not needed in the definition of a Proverbs 31 woman. Interestingly, there is no other place where these things are mentioned because they are not criteria for measuring a good woman. I am mentioning this thing because most girls think that is what makes them good.

Sex! Proverbs 31 does not talk about sex. Sex is not a factor that determines if one is a good girl. Of course the Proverbs 31 woman will have sex because she is a wife and a mother, but that doesn’t count in what makes her up. Will live in a world where sex has been over emphasised with great pressure on females, I want you to know that sex is not a way of showing good act, especially when you are not married. So, if you are always trying to prove to someone that you are good by giving them sex (or you are thinking of doing it), please stop it.

Before I leave the sex thing, let me also say that the Proverbs 31 woman is not defined by big breasts or buttocks. That is a shallow way of thinking. I have seen so many ladies trying to adjust the size of their breast and buttocks because they want to look good and presentable (you have certainly seen one too). Go and read Proverbs 31 and you will find out that body physique is not a factor in being good and if you want to change your body physique because you lack confidence, go and read the introduction.

God bless you.