Where Are The Fathers?

There is a difference between who a father is and who a man is. A man is simply a grown up male, while a father is a male who has truly multiplied as the Lord commanded in Genesis 1:28.


This question is a big disgrace to fathers all around, especially in the church. Fathers have lost and stopped their responsibility and so it is affecting everything, everywhere. And then we are forced to ask the question, where are the fathers? We are actually not saying that all fathers are irresponsible, but sincerely most fathers are. Some of these fathers do know that they have stopped their roles has fathers; while some do not even know that they have stopped their role has fathers. When a thing stops to perform its function, it has certainly forfeited the name by which it is called. So when fathers stop performing their roles has fathers, it is unfortunate that they have automatically lost their stand has fathers.

There is a difference between who a father is and who a man is. A man is simply a grown up male, while a father is a male who has truly multiplied as the Lord commanded in Genesis 1:28. So we have men today who have produced other ones called children- they are the ones called father. This father can be biological fathers, spiritual fathers, educational fathers, casual fathers, social fathers etc. Unfortunately, many fathers multiply, but few are actually fruitful. The main reason for this is because fathers have lost their position and sits as fathers.

The dangers of not performing fatherly roles are numerous. And we will examine few of them looking at the story of Eli who did not perform his fatherly roles. Eli was the father of Ophni and Phineas. Eli was a man of high calling and was respected by everyone; he was a father to two boys who took after his steps as priests in the temple. His sons actually did wrong things- opposite of what God and the society demanded, but Eli could not correct them. People had reported Eli’s son to him and even God told Eli to warn his son but he couldn’t, maybe because he was scared of his sons or for some other reasons. But he regretted not correcting his sons. In just one day, God destroyed the whole of his generations and God cursed his generation(s).

Not carrying out fatherly roles does not have to deal with position in the society; if you don’t carry your roles out you lose your stand with God. Eli’s son became the cause of his death. Same has been the stories of fathers who refused to take care of their children. Their generations tend to sway into being destroyed and they just become nuisance to the society.

So many fathers are so busy to look after their children, others are drunkards, adulterers, smokers and they just lay bad examples for their children. We need real fathers in the church who will take up their roles as fathers and carry them out. When we have good fathers in the church, the church is certain to grow.

Every child deserves the care of a loving father. Be that father today.

Check This Out Mum & Dad: Parental Guidance

​1: Warn your Girl Child Never to sit on anyone’s laps no matter the situation including uncles.

2: Avoid Getting Dressed in front of your child once he/she is 2 years old. Learn to excuse them or yourself.

3. Never allow any adult refer to your child as ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband’

4. Whenever your child goes out to play with friends make sure you look for a way to find out what kind of play they do, because young people now sexually abuse themselves.

5. Never force your child to visit any adult he or she is not comfortable with and also be observant if your child becomes too fond of a particular adult.

6. Once a very lively child suddenly becomes withdrawn you may need to patiently ask lots of questions from your child.

7. Carefully educate your grown ups about the right values of sex . If you don’t, the society will teach them the wrong values.

8: It is always advisable you go through any new Material like cartoons you just bought for them before they start seeing it themselves.

9. Ensure you activate parental controls on your cable networks and advice your friends especially those your child(ren) visit(s) often.

10. Teach your 3 year olds how to wash their private parts properly and warn them never to allow anyone touch those areas and that includes you (remember, charity begins from home and with you).

11: Blacklist some materials/associates you think could threaten the sanity of your child (this includes music, movies and even friends and families).

12. Let your child(ren) understand the value of standing out of the crowd.

13: Once your child complains about a particular person, don’t keep quiet about it. Take up the case and show them you can defend them.