The Proverbs 31 Woman – What she is not

Before we begin to consider and study who the Proverbs 31 woman, let us be careful to say what Proverbs 31 does not tell us. Proverbs 31 has mentioned so many things and has left some things untouched- because does things are not needed in the definition of a Proverbs 31 woman. Interestingly, there is no other place where these things are mentioned because they are not criteria for measuring a good woman. I am mentioning this thing because most girls think that is what makes them good.

Sex! Proverbs 31 does not talk about sex. Sex is not a factor that determines if one is a good girl. Of course the Proverbs 31 woman will have sex because she is a wife and a mother, but that doesn’t count in what makes her up. Will live in a world where sex has been over emphasised with great pressure on females, I want you to know that sex is not a way of showing good act, especially when you are not married. So, if you are always trying to prove to someone that you are good by giving them sex (or you are thinking of doing it), please stop it.

Before I leave the sex thing, let me also say that the Proverbs 31 woman is not defined by big breasts or buttocks. That is a shallow way of thinking. I have seen so many ladies trying to adjust the size of their breast and buttocks because they want to look good and presentable (you have certainly seen one too). Go and read Proverbs 31 and you will find out that body physique is not a factor in being good and if you want to change your body physique because you lack confidence, go and read the introduction.

God bless you.


Proverbs 31 Woman- Guys Need To Know Her

I have noticed that when the Proverbs 31 woman is mentioned, guys tend to ignore the topic with the mind of ‘it is a girl thing’. This is not the way it should be. The Proverbs 31 was actually a prophetic revelation received by a guy- King Lemuel from his mother. It means the Proverbs 31 woman topic was and is actually intended for the guys.

There are many dangers of bypassing the knowing of this woman, ignoring her has no advantage. To start with, not being interested in the Proverbs 31 woman is ignoring the word of God and will of God. This topic is found in the Scriptures for crying out loud. If you know all of the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you don’t know about Proverbs 31(which I don’t think is possible), then your knowledge of God’s word is not complete. So carefully pick up your Bible now and open to Proverbs 31 and read.

When you don’t know this woman, you won’t recognize the difference between a good lady and a bad one. I can say it bodly that not all good girls meet up to the standard of the Proverbs 31 woman. So, that lady you are dying for can actually know how to cook and not know how to pray. She can actually be very good sincerely, but there might be a little fox that is spoiling the vine.

With the understanding of the Proverbs 31 woman. You can understand which lady to move with and the one to ignore. I can tell you bodly again that if you really understand the Proverbs 31 woman, there are certain ladies in your life that you will run away from (don’t just runaway, pray for them. And if the lady is your fiance, please see your pastor).

So many guys keep asking, ‘how do I recognize a wife material? Is it when she is 20 yards, or 36 yards?’. Bros come, the material you need is what is in Proverbs 31. I am tired of guys complaining that some girls in their life is bad or something.

The understanding of this woman will ensure you a smooth way to relate with ladies- your sister, mum, fiance, friends, neighbours etc. You will know how to respect them and where to encourage and build them up. What would have become of Isaac if only he did not get that woman? He might have traded away a great covenant like Samson who could not tell who a Proverbs 31 woman is. The story of Amnon could have been better if he had respected that Proverbs 31 woman. Mordecai trained Esther to be that Proverbs 31 woman and it really paid him.

Maybe Samson and Amnon had no Proverbs 31 during their days. You have it now. Guy, please get to know her.

God bless you.

Proverbs 31 Woman- Introduction

We need to look at what a woman is and who a woman is. What a woman is, is totally different from who a woman is.

Now, what is a woman? A woman is a helper. I would want us to understand that this role of a woman can actually be played by any other thing. That is why in Genesis 2:19-20 God brought all the animals before Adam to give name to them, but he did not find a helper. God gave Adam the liberty to choose a partner for himself and so Adam gave the animals their identity. It was not like Adam gave lion the name lion, or goat the name goat. What Adam did was give them their identity (role), so Adam gave lion the king identity, gave tortoise the cunny Identity etc., but Adam did not find any of the animals to give the helper identity.

God had to cause Adam to sleep and out of Adam he produced another being. Adam saw that being, recognized the being as a helper and called her woman- gave her the identity of woman. If Adam had not liked what he saw, he could have given that being another identity. As far as God is concerned, a woman is the best helper that man can ever get. The what is a woman explains her identity.

Who is a woman? After Adam had recognized her as his helper, he went ahead to give a confession (Genesis 2:23). Adam called her woman because she was taken from man. And that is who she was- an extension of man. Therefore she was everything God had ever commanded and said about Adam. If you take a bowl of water out of the well, you will still have the well water in the bowl; if the well water is bitter, the water in the bowl will be bitter.

Every thing connected to the man as written in Genesis 1:26-30 was also connected to the woman. The woman therefore is made in God’s image and likeness, she has dominion too.

The what and the who of the woman produced result later in Genesis 3. I am of the opinion that the woman obeyed the serpent because of the fact that she knows and thinks she has dominion- even over the tree at the middle of the garden. And at that time, she thought she was doing the man a favor- helping him. She ate the fruit and a great event happened. At the end of the event, the man called the woman Eve which means life.

Every woman is a portal for life both physically and spiritually. Physically, it is through the woman that new human beings are produced. Spiritually, life flows through her and that is why Christ married the Church, the Church being the bride so that His life will flow through the Church to the world.

A woman is an helper created in the Image and likeness of God to have dominion and be a producer of life. If you are a lady and you have not recognized yourself as a helper- always keeping to yourself and being lazy or you don’t know you are created in God’s image and likeness- trying to change your looks and allowing circumstances/people take advantage of you or you and not giving life to your environment- always negative and unproductive, then you are not a woman. Rethink and align your life.

God bless you.

Christian Living Series- Christian Caucus

Have you noticed that Christians are always in different groups? You may belong to one and that is wrong for your Christian life.

Now, by group we don’t mean ministries and units in Churches. We are referring to the segregations we have made amongst ourselves by reason of doctrines, academic qualifications, background, wealth and others. And so we see Christians belonging to some certain set of people who are rich but do not relate with the poor.

Jesus does not preach that we should divide ourselves for the criticism of ourselves. In fact, Jesus prayed that we may be one. There are so many ungodly factions that we have among ourselves and if you belong to any, God is calling you to come out of them and love all.

The most common type of segregation among Christians are the people who think they are too holy and so they don’t relate with others who seem unholy. That is why once they see a Christian fall, they are quick to castigate and rebuke; even when they should actually show love. Are you in such group, where you think you are too holy for others? Of course, you are holy, but holiness is not denying others because of their shortcomings. The Sister in your fellowship got pregnant and so she does not belong to the group of Christians you deal with, she is now unholy. Or the Christian who lives in the next door is crippled and so you start ignoring him.

Even Jesus was with all types of people all His life. There was no preference as to whom He related. God is calling you brethren to stop the discrimination you have brought into Christianity. There is really nothing like rich Christian, poor Christian, holy Christian, unholy Christian, sick Christian etc. We are all Christians.

Let’s God’s love grow in you that you may see everyone as your brothers and sisters.


1. Try and figure out how you have rejected to relate with other Christians.

2. For what reason did you reject them.

3. Make a decision to come out of the mindset of belonging to a group of Christians.


1. Lord, let your love grow in me.

2. Help me to be disciplined in my relations with other people (Christian and non Christians).

Christian Living Series- Tongue Is A Fire

We give God all the glory for the expositions He has given unto us this past days. Do not just read through this series like you read all other articles, but make sure that what you read brings meaning to your life- this is possible by a strong determination backed with serious prayer. The Christian life is gotten by hearing, seeing, studying, receiving Christ; but it is perfected in the place of prayer.

Let us quickly look at a way in which our tongue affects our Christian life. If there is one thing that Christians do not please God with, it is the words that come out of our mouth. We actually do not say bad words since we are born again, but there are words that do not leave our mouth and we are not worried they are there because we think they are not necessary.

One thing is sure, that God is surely not happy with us when we speak bad words from our mouth. These words might be insultive, abusive, downgrading or devilish. For example, there are many times Christians speak bad about the government; several times when we call our family members and friends stupid; even periods when we just decide to speak words that cannot be played in public. We sometimes say these words jokingly and we think they don’t affect our walk with God, we always say God understands. Haba! God does not like evil talks and you will give accounts in heaven for every single one you have said.

We might not want to agree with this point, we have made it clear earlier that there are so many things wrong with our Christian life that we might not notice. Now is the time to make decisions to make our Christian life better with the words of our mouth.

Make sure you feed your heart with good things, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Believe me, there are books you should throw away now and stop reading; songs you should delete on your devices; videos you should stop watching and company you should stop keeping. Even God encourages that we should always relate only with good things (Phil 4:8).


1. List out all the bad words you have spoken in recent times (especially those that you think does not matter).

2. Make a decision not to speak those bad words again and be careful in your conversations.


1. Help me Lord to be careful with my mouth not to say words that will make you unhappy.

Christian Living Series- Looking Unto Jesus

Most Christians are guilty of not looking unto Jesus, but we will not admit to it. We don’t admit to this because we are blindfolded by a lack of understanding of what it means to be born again. While most of us looked at Jesus on the day we became born again (and probably when we need Jesus’ help), Jesus is expecting that we keep our gaze on Him every time. Notice the ‘ing’ after ‘look’ in Hebrews 12:2, it denotes that our connection to God should be continual and without break.

You have the Holy Spirit and if you are willing and obedient (to listen), He will point out to you ways by which you have kept your gaze away from Jesus. We really overlook this aspect of Christian living, but it is very important.

How do you know when you are no longer looking unto Jesus? When Jesus looses priority over your life. When you begin to love some other things above Jesus.

Some Christians have allowed marriage/relationship take over from Jesus in their life. All the attention they used to give to Jesus is now transferred to their loved ones. This transfer is not usually obvious and we will not quickly own to this and make corrections. For some other Christians, it is academics; employment; prosperity; ministry; anointing; position etc. Do not forget that everything is controlled by Jesus. The Christian life demands that you keep ‘lookiiiinnnng’ unto Jesus (Matthew 6:33).


1. Surrender to the Holy Spirit to reveal to you things that have taken the position of Christ in your heart.

2. Try and remember times when you have placed  things above Christ.

1. Lord, I am sorry for loosing focus on you.

2. Be the King over my life o Lord.

3. I surrender everything that I have to you Lord. (Mention things, people, events etc that belongs to you)

Christian Living Series- Introduction

Hello, this week we will be looking at Christian living, paying much emphasis on some certain things that may destroy our walk with God. These things do not necessarily make us sinners, but a continuous engaging in them will cause havoc to our lives and sometimes lead us to loosing Salvation.

Let us be clear that this series is for people who have received Salvation and so if you are not yet born again, take a pause at this point and dedicate your life to God (You can send a WhatsApp message to +2348105855734 for a series on being born again).
When we give our lives to Christ we do not necessarily become perfect instantly. All the bad words and songs registered in our brains do not leave automatically, but as time goes on we become renewed and discard all the bad things we used to do. Then there are this things (bad things) in our lives that we are not conscious of, this series will look into some of these acts.

Looking into the life of Isaiah, before he encountered Christ if anyone had told him he had a ‘bad mouth’ he would have argued. After producing 5 chapters of his book with great authority and confidence he encountered God and it was then he realized who he actually was. God wants to reveal who we really are to us, and it takes God alone to do that.

Peter was confident he would not deny Jesus but when he faced the situation, he denied Jesus three times. There are things  hiding in our heart that only manifest once in a while, we don’t know these things and so we think we are perfect.

For some Christians, complaining is the thing. For others it is strife. One can imagine how a very tongue speaking Christian becomes real carnal in the sight of money. Only God can reveal those hidden things in our heart and that is why we have to cry to God to search us and reveal to us who we really are.

As we go through this series, be attentive to what the Holy Spirit wants to communicate to you and get aligned to it. God bless you.
1. Try and remember instances where fellow believers did bad things that surprised you.

2. Try and remember cases where you did some bad things and you couldn’t believe you were capable of doing them.

1. Lord, search me and reveal to me who I am.