Our Programmes


Every year, Sisters in Ede, Osun State come together for two days usually the day ending a month into the day starting a new month. The sisters come together to hear from God and discuss matters that are relating to academics, relationship, lifestyle, health etc. The sisters are also equipped with vocational skills by the grace of God.

The aim of the programme is to create a liberation and separation for the sisters and also bring them to the understanding of kingdom truths which will be useful for them till the rest of their lives. Activities such as intense worship session; fire filled prayer; life filled words are common features of the retreat.

The first edition held between September 30th and October 1st, 2016 with the theme, “Mary: A lady her generation will never forget.” It was an awesome experience. With God by our side, we believe to touch the lives of many sisters in the land of Ede.


We have the mandate to visit school girls across Nigeria (especially secondary schools) and organize programmes for them in their schools. These programmes tend to teach the girls about the kingdom life and spiritual principles, and to also teach them about life developing virtues and matters that cut across all spheres of their lives.

The visitation will also create time to have prayer time with the girls to impart them with the power of the Holy Ghost. In 2016, we had visitations we tagged ‘moments to discuss’ where we visited secondary school girls teaching them how to relate with their parents (mothers especially).

In 2017, the work continues and it is tagged ‘exploit’ as gotten from Daniel 11:32. 


Having recognized that CGN is created for the edifying of the body of Christ, we have the permission of God to organize retreats for everyone in the body of Christ (male and female).

This retreat is a time where people come together to pray for themselves and intercede on behalf of others. Just like the apostles met to pray and their prayers created waves, such is what happens at the Holy Ghost Retreat.

The retreat holds at different intervals as the Holy Spirit directs.


‘D’ stands for Dorcas who was recorded according to Acts 9:36 as a helper of people and a giver to the poor. Operation-D is our programme to reach out to people who needs help, comfort, and encouragement. We use the medium to show love to people who seem to be rejected in the society.

And so we reach out to orphanages, hospitals, prisons etc. With the help that we receive from our sponsors and partners, we believe in the peace we will bring to the heart of people.